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I’ve added to our media some videos of the Emmy roundtable. You can also watch a short video from behind the scenes of the cover shoot.

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The nominations for the Critics’ Choice Television Awards were announced Monday morning with some very well deserved attention.

FX’s “Justified” walked away with four very well deserved nominations with Best Drama, Best Actor for Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens, Best Supporting Actress for Margo Martindale as Mags Bennett and best support actor for Walter Goggins as Boyd Crowder. Martindale was a standout show stopping character this season on “Justfied” as Mags Bennett the Harlan County matriarch of the Bennett clan. You might remember her performance as Hilary Swanks mother in “Million Dollar Baby” which was a similar character. We really are pulling for her in this role as it’s the only year she’ll be eligible to win. Olyphant has brought that area of the country to life with his portrayal of US Marshall with his arch enemy/savior nemesis/friend Boyd Crowder (Walter Goggins) both battling demons and each other in their complex onscreen relationship.

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FX Cast Justified Q and A @ Television Academy 5-24-2011 Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, Margo Martindale, Walton Goggins, Natalie Zea, Erica Tazel and Graham Yost.

For the full report on this event with the cast of Justified and more celebrity happenings check out www.mikethefanboy.com

Report with videos and pics by Mike:

6:31 p.m. – Lindsay and I have been texting each other and I’m tossing a bowl of pasta in my mouth while trying to get to this event. Sigh… I was in Santa Monica for a meeting at work, and then had to get to North Hollywood and also throw some food in my mouth before I passed out… whew… What a day!

6:37 p.m. – I just got a text from Lindsay when my brand new Sprint Google Nexus phone died. I’m talking DIED! It froze on the opening screen and wouldn’t do anything. Great… I literally got it two weeks ago with my sister… sigh… Pissed off man…

6:42 p.m. – I got in, and found Lindsay in the front row holding a spot… Whew… Yep, it looks like the phone is dead. I mean it’s the brand new Sprint Google Nexus phone and it supposed to be all fancy but no… it’s crap.

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Elektra Luxx, the follow-up to 2009’s Women In Trouble, has a plot that is a cross between a Werner Herzog film and soft core Skinemax. If that isn’t necessarily your thing, having a great ensemble cast featuring Carla Gugino, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Malin Ackerman, and Timothy Olyphant certainly helps. The film, about a pregnant ex-porn star who quits the business and meets a slew of outrageous characters, didn’t do so hot at the box office. So if it hasn’t been on your radar yet, don’t worry; Elektra Luxx will be hitting DVD on June 21.

Unfortunately, the DVD-only set won’t come with a whole lot of extras. The one feature buyers will get is deleted scenes. Since director Sebastian Gutierrez likes to employ loosely connected vignettes in his films, these deleted scenes should fall into place pretty well. Elektra Luxx will only run you $24.96 and is already available at a cheaper price on Amazon.




I am Number Four,” Timothy’s movie with Alex Pettyfer, Teresa Palmer, and Dianna Agron, is available via Movies on Demand this coming Tuesday, May 24!

The On Demand movie will be released the very same day the DVD/blu-ray movies are made available in stores (and in most cases, about a month before you can rent them via Netflix or Redbox)!

Thank you Mary Hong!



Timothy Olyphant’s Justified character, Raylan Givens, has topped GQ’s list of the 25 Most Stylish Men on TV!

The FX drama’s leading man beat out Don Draper (Jon Hamm, Mad Men), Tom Haverford, (Aziz Ansari, Parks and Recreation), Manny Delgado (Rico Rodriguez, Modern Family), and Chalky White (Michael Kenneth Williams, Boardwalk Empire), who rounded out the top five.

Alexander Skarsgard, Ian Somerhalder, Neil Patrick Harris, and Ed Westwick’s characters also made the cut.

Check out GQ.com for the full list!

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Paramount has just officially announced plans to bring the hit 2011 Gore Verbinski directed, computer animated film “Rango” featuring the voices of Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher and Timothy Olyphant to Blu-ray Disc on July 15th. Tech specs for the release include full 1080p Hi-Def video and DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio sound. The title is not yet available for pre-order over at Amazon but stay tuned and we will keep you updated. The release will come in the form of a “combo pack” with the DVD and Digital Copy also included. The bonus materials set to be included are listed below.

Theatrical and Extended Version
Commentary—By director, story co-writer and producer Gore Verbinski, head of story James Ward Byrkit, production designer Mark “Crash” McCreery, animation director Hal Hickel and visual effects supervisor
Tim Alexander (on Extended Version only)
Breaking The Rules: Making Animation History— Discover how Gore Verbinski and Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) prepared for their first animated movie by following every step the filmmakers made to create this new kind of animated film.
The Stage Is Set (Part 1)
Now We Ride (Part 2)
Real Creatures of Dirt—In this fun and educational piece, animal experts talk about the real creatures that inspired the characters of Rango and the filmmakers explain why they chose specific animals to reflect certain personality traits.
Storyboard Reel Picture-In-Picture—Enhance your movie-viewing experience by watching the entire feature with picture-in-picture images of the storyboards (Theatrical Version only).
A Field Trip to Dirt—Using the technology and footage from ILM’s special camera, viewers are put in control of their own tour of Dirt. They can select the streets they want to explore and the characters they’d like to interact with, discovering trivia and other bonus footage along the way.
Deleted Scenes—Including a never-before-seen alternate ending
Theatrical Trailer



As Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens, Timothy Olyphant embodies a modern-day cowboy, right down to the Stetson. The trigger-happy lawman of the FX hit Justified is based on the protagonist from Elmore Leonard’s short story “Fire in the Hole,” but Olyphant has had a hand in Raylan’s development throughout the show’s second season. “I’m very involved in the show, in ways that I probably have no business being,” says the actor, who signed on as a producer after season one. “I enjoy it. Someone gave me a TV show, I figured I’d have as much fun as possible.” Vulture talked with Olyphant about what to expect from tonight’s finale, his guest stint onThe Office, and why Lakers fans need to stop whining.

It feels like this whole season has been building up to a legendary showdown. The episode title alone, “Bloody Harlan,” is a hint of what’s to come—
Somebody’s going to stub a toe.

Sure, that’s all.
Someone’s going to need a Band-Aid.

Got any highlights you want to share about the episode?
I’m not sure I do. My job description is not giving away endings, you know? What can I tell you? I’ve seen it, and there’s a lot of good stuff. We’re very proud of the season, and the finale has what the best episodes of the season have: some great writing, great storytelling, great performances. I’m not beating around the bush, I just don’t know how to talk about it without telling you things you don’t want to know.

Last season’s finale — with its epic shoot-out that found Raylan and Boyd on the same side — was a big one, so this week has a lot to live up to.
My way of thinking is, well, we did that, so let’s not do it again. Nobody wants that. Even though they think they do, they don’t. And at the same time, let’s just try to live out this story as dramatically and interestingly as possible. The characters this season were just so rich and so great, and the ones that don’t stick around will be missed.

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In Nora Roberts’ new book, Chasing Fire, she mentions Timothy Olyphant three times. If you’re reading this book don’t see the picture below – it may contain spoilers!

Thank you Bobbi!

Also, I’ve added more audio files of daily sports reports from 2008, when Timothy was on Indie 103.1. Now you can listen to some files from July. Enjoy!

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