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    Exclusive: Elektra Luxx 9-Minute DVD Preview

    Writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez follows up 2009’s Women in Trouble with Elektra Luxx, which continues the further adventures of a retired porn star (Carla Gugino), pregnant with a recently deceased rock star’s child, who makes ends meet by teaching a community college sexual education class. Now on DVD, Elektra Luxx also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marley Shelton, and Timothy Olyphant. We have an exclusive 9-minute preview from this release, which features Detective Dellwood Butterworth Timothy Olyphant getting it on with Elektra (Carla Gugino) in her unsuspecting neighbor’s (Marley Shelton) bedroom. Check out the playfully sexy scene below.

    What’s a pregnant porn goddess to do? Elektra Luxx decides to quit the industry to start a new life – but not until she wrestles with a slew of wild characters. It’s one hysterical ride with plenty of uninhibited comedy along the way.

    Special Features:
    • Deleted Scenes

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    Interview For The UK DVD & Blu-Ray Release Of ‘I Am Number Four’

    In ‘I Am Number 4′ Timothy Olyphant stars as Henri, a the Warrior/Guardian who’s job it is to protect and train John Smith (Alex Pettyfer), an alien from planet Lorien who was sent to Earth as a child alongside eight others to escape an invading race, the Mogadorians, which destroyed their home planet. ‘I Am Number 4? is released on DVD and Blu-ray from 20 June 2011 in the UK. Check out what Olyphant had to say about the film in a quick interview below.

    How was the experience making the film?
    Timothy Olyphant: There’s something just great about a set, especially this one where the director is so engaging, so enthusiastic and so in control of it all. Then we had this amazing cinematographer in Guillermo Navarro, just watching them at work was great. The movie looks amazing, it was really cool to see why it looked amazing. It’s quite a family with the crew DJ brings with him. Working with DJ was fantastic, I loved working with him. He’s just a class guy and a great director. He was really fun, our conversations from the jump were great. We were on the same page from day one.

    How did you become a part of the film?
    Timothy Olyphant: When I first read the script it seemed pretty fun. I read it, then within an hour or two I got on the phone to DJ, he asked me what I was thinking, first of all the fact that he asked was lovely, he asked what I had in mind. I started riffing my gut instinct with what I thought would be fun with the character, he seemed…or at least pretended to be enthused (laughs). I just enjoyed right off the bat our conversation, where we were trying to take it, take the role. When I first I read the script, within four or five hours I knew I’d do the movie.

    What is your characters role in John’s life?
    Timothy Olyphant: When we first meet Alex’s character John, he seems to be living a normal teenage life, but then he has these visions, before you know it he’s on the run. I’m in his life, I’m some sort of Guardian, there to basically try to help him survive, help him understand what these special abilities that he has are, allow him to eventually be able to live on his own.


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    ‘Justified’ Season 2 – DVD

    Timothy Olyphant returns as US Deputy Marshall Raylan Givens, the modern-day gunslinger who serves up renegade justice, in Justified: The Complete Second Season, available on DVD on July 18, courtesy of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

    Based on the character created by legendary crime novelist Elmore Leonard, and raising the stakes of the electrifying debut season, Raylan faces his most daunting adversaries yet.

    Featuring all thirteen action-packed episodes, including the explosive season finale, Raylan is back and serving up justice, one bullet at a time.

    Justified: The Complete Second Season will be available for RRP £34.99 and is rated TBC.

    Chaos ensues in Harlan County when two opposing criminal forces come head to head in a battle to the death.

    Corruption, deceit and treachery are rampant and Raylan is caught in the crosshairs of a town under siege.

    The series co-stars Nick Searcy as Givens’ longtime friend and boss ‘Chief Deputy Art Mullen’; Erica Tazel as ‘Deputy Marshal Rachel Brooks’; Joelle Carter as ‘Ava Crowder’, Boyd Crowder’s sister-in-law; and Natalie Zea as Raylan’s ex-wife ‘Winona Hawkins’.