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    Netflix Acquires “THE STARLING” for $20 Million

    Netflix has paid around $20 million dollars for Melissa McCarthy’s upcoming film project titled The Starling. The streaming service paid that amount based on a script and a sizzle reel that was being shopped around. The film also has a great cast attached that includes Kevin Kline, Chris O’Dowd, and Timothy Olyphant. Other studios that tried to get it included 101 Studios, Lionsgate and Sony 3000.

    In the story, “McCarthy and O’Dowd play a married couple trying to rebuild their relationship after suffering a tragedy. While her husband heads off to deal with his grief in recovery, Lily Maynard tries to heal in the real world, one that becomes surreal when she grows a beautiful garden in their backyard, only to find herself repeatedly attacked by a starling that has built a nearby nest. She turns to a psychiatrist-turned-veterinarian with baggage all his own (Kline) who tries to help Lily with her bird problem and ends up making a larger impact on her life.”