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    Timothy Olyphant teases more seasons of ‘Justified: City Primeval’

    Via Deadline:

    The FX limited series Justified: City Primeval premieres on July 13 and fans are already clamoring for more.

    “I’d show up,” Timothy Olyphant, star and executive producer, said at the conclusion of the show’s panel at ATX TV Festival in Austin on Thursday. “I had a good time. Every time we’ve done this I’ve had a good time, he added.

    Executive producer Sarah Timberman echoed the statement, “If he shows up I show up—we all show up.”

    The series premiere made its big debut at the festival with audiences cheering and clapping to see the return of Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens (Olyphant) alongside Boyd Holbrook, Adelaide Clemens and Vivian Olyphant, Timothy Olyphant’s real-life daughter who also plays his daughter in the project.

    “I had to audition and it went well,” the youngest Olyphant said as the crowd roared with laughter. Timothy Olyphant revealed he and his wife had a chat about the possibility of her joining the cast and they decided the experience could be a good summer job while she was on break from college.

    “The audition process with her was a joy and she worked super hard—we had a lot of fun,” he shared. “I worked with her on her audition and I thought to myself, ‘This would be a fun person to work with. I said I wouldn’t say anymore and let the team take it from there.”

    Vivian has learned a lot during her time on set, one thing that stood out the most was “how long it takes to get your makeup done,” she said with a laugh.

    The panel kicked off with a message of solidarity for the show’s writers and showrunners including Dave Andron and Michael Dinner who did not attend.

    “Shout out to the writers. I hope those f**kers get everything they’re asking for,” Timothy Olyphant said.

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    ATX TV Fest Recap: FX’s “Justified: City Primeval” Post-Screening Q&A

    Via LaughingPlace.com:

    Season 12 of the ATX Television Festival kicked off tonight with a special screening of FX’s Justified: City Primeval ahead of the show’s July 18th premiere. In attendance were stars Timothy Olyphant (Raylan Givens), Boyd Holbrook (Clement Mansell), Adelaide Clemens (Sandy Stanton), Vivian Olyphant (Willa Givens), plus executive producer Sarah Timberman. The post-screening panel was moderated by Daniel Fienberg from The Hollywood Reporter.

    Yes, Vivian Olyphant is Timothy Olyphant’s daughter and stars alongside her dad as Raylan’s daughter Willa. Vivian laughed as she confessed to having never watched the original Justified or much of her father’s acting work, aside from his voice role in the animated film Rango and a play she saw him in. “I always wondered what is he actually doing at work,” Vivian shared about getting to spend her summer on set with her dad. “He’s getting paid to be a child,” she summarized to the audience’s delight (and Timothy’s charming embarrassment). While Timothy had no qualms about his daughter auditioning for the role, he added that he kept himself out of the casting process as a fellow executive producer on the series. Sarah Timberman stood by the decision, sharing that Vivian stood out of about forty actresses considered for the role.

    Set 15 years after the original Justified, which was based on Elmore Leonard’s final novel, Justified: City Primeval draws its inspiration from another one of Leonard’s books, 1980’s City Primeval. Read by both Sarah Timberman and Timothy Olyphant, when conversations began about bringing Raylan Givens back to the screen, both felt that this story would be the right way to do it while still staying within the Elmore Leonard universe. And, a tale that will likely be recurring throughout this year’s festival, Sarah took a moment at the top of the panel to acknowledge the show’s writing team, most of whom are participating in the WGA strike.

    Showrunner Dave Andron participated in a different panel earlier in the day titled “…The End” about writing a series finale. During that panel, which was not specifically about Justified: City Primeval, he shared that he had some initial hesitation about continuing Raylan’s story after wrapping it up so nicely in Season 6. He was working on Snowfall when conversations began to swirl about a sequel, something he wasn’t willing to take on until that show wrapped in order to give that show the send-off it deserved.

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