Facts and Curiosities

Has a daughter named Grace Katherine (born on June 20th 1999), a son named Henry and a daughter named Vivian with Alexis Knief, who has been married since 1991.

He was raised in Modesto, California and attended the University of Southern California.

1986 graduate of Fred C. Beyer High School, Modesto, California.

His brother, Andy, is an A & R executive for Warner Bros. Records

Swam competitively while attending the University of Southern California (US National Finalist in the 200m individual medley)

Lives in Los Angeles, California, USA.

While at the University of Southern California, he studied fine art and theater.

Read Sports for Los Angeles radio station Indie 103.1 on its morning show until the departure of Joe Escalante in 2008.

Last name is pronounced “Ol-uh-fint”.

He was considered for the role of Tony Stark in Iron Man (2008).

Won the Young Hollywod Awards for the ‘best bad boy’ for Go (1999).