EW: What’s the secret to your walk?

Olyphant: I don’t think it’s the same walk as any previous walk. I think he moves differently than characters in the past. I could be wrong.

EW: So then what’s the secret to Raylan’s walk? I actually spent some time thinking about it, and you don’t move your arms when you walk.

Olyphant: I do on this show though.

EW: I don’t think you do.

Olyphant: Take a look at it. I think on this show, it’s a little bit looser.

EW: Well, I was thinking that maybe you keep your arms still because Raylan would never want his hand too far away from the gun in his hip holster… Or am I just thinking way too much?

Olyphant: I think you’re thinking too much… [Laughs] I have nothing more to say on this subject.

EW: Is it a sensitive subject?

Olyphant: No, it’s not. I think people talking about the way I walk sounds great. Me talking about the way I walk sounds moronic.


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